Scientific-Gnosticism Memetic-Shamanism


SGMS is a new hybrid of science and religion where belief is a vice instead of virtue. It is a recognition of ancient wisdom with a requirement that the wisdom hold up to the rigors of scientific method. It is a resurrection of shamanic tradition as it can be expressed through psychopharmacology and cognitive behavioral therapy. SGMS is a melding of ancient wisdom with modern knowledge with the purpose of bringing peace, and equality while also respecting strength, and competition.

We believe that religion can serve a purpose but like any tool can be a tool for great good or evil.

There is no freedom more important than the freedom of the mind and no freedom harder to see, understand and achieve.

Religious Roots

SGMS finds useful and provable concepts in many religions

Specicifically the words of Jesus and the principles he taught which do not include a focus on "not sinning" but instead tolerance, forgiveness and rejection of material wealth as a viable pursuit of happiness. Additionally his use of Cannabis in the annointing oil as a source of spiritual rebirth.

Flexibility, duality, balance and flow of the universe. The cycles and necessity of two sided universe and how they flow into one another being a beginning and ending for eachother.

Respect of ultimate truth. Reality as it is instead of as it seems. (disbelieving one's own worldview) Non-violence. Understanding of suffering and its link to ignorance.

The use of entheogens to balance the mind and gain an inner sight to become in touch with the spirit world.

Scientific Roots

SGMS Uses science to define and describe religion as well as make it part of religion itself.

The term was originally coined by Richard Dawkins and is the idea that concepts are like living organisms which posess behaviors and mutations. They can infect and change hosts. SGMS goes one step further and defines memes as spirits and the inverse.

The advances in neuroscience have given rise to a wealth of information about exactly how the machine that houses consciousness works. Through manipulation of these chemicals we can redifine the very essense of ourselves and mold our experience to our liking.

The world of physics is currently in turmoil with massive failings that are rapidly catching the public eye and causing science budget cuts. SGMS uses a new physical theory of the universe which better describes the interactions of the physical world while providing an understanding of the "spirit" world at the same time.


Some of the central guiding principles of SGMS
  • Fear is the root of all suffering and evil.
  • Fear gives rise to magical thinking which obscures and replaces the truth and thereby spreads ignorance.
  • Ignorance causes fear.
  • Question everything, especially your own beliefs.
  • The most important word in any language is "why"
  • Love is the guiding principle of life and it is the opposite of fear. It is a deep trust, bond and state of oneness that results in rational selflessness.
More information will be added to this site as time allows.

Truth has advocates who seek understanding. Corrupt ideas have miserable little fanatics who attempt to enforce their beliefs through intimidation and brutality... Through faith. -Richard Rahl ("Confessor" written by Terry Goodkind)