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Published by under Uncategorized on March 3, 2010

The pursuit of knowledge on its own for knowledge sake is an error. There is infinite knowledge to be obtained because there is infinite possibility and creativity. There is infinite falsehood. Knowledge is only useful in how it relates to reality and how it relates to other pieces of the picture.

Where most intelligent people put an emphasis on the aquisition of knowledge, it is not the knowledge itself that is most valuable but the way in which knowledge connects to everything else. The way it supports other sets of knowledge. The way in which it answers the infinite loop question of “why?”.

The connections cannot exist without the knowledge so the pursuit of knowledge in a certain way takes precedence, but the eventual goal of all knowledge is to build a single internally consistent model of reality. This is only done through the connections and relationships of the knowledge. Reality always proves itself to be internally consistent and it has only been by using this fact about reality that we have been able to predict the future. It is understanding.

Understanding is the process of matching the model of reality in your mind to the actual way in which the world works. If we assume that there is a god or that the universe is god then we can assume the creation or the manifestation of god matches the will of god. In SGMS the universe is an entity which is a mind so by pursuing understanding we are in fact attempting to make ourselves a more accurate representation/reflection of god. We become more like those things we venerate if our veneration is sincere.

Love itself is a process of coming together in unity. Love is trust. Trust is also a form of belief. The pursuit of the knowledge of the nature of the universe and god is a form of creating trust and belief that is sound. It is a devout spirituality. Not simply swallowing whatever garbage a charlatan has to sell, or granting texts validity simply because of their age or popularity.  In Christian tradition it is important to “Love” god, but the common definition of love is far too narrow. True love is a transformation of the concept of self. By seeking the answers the universe has to give for ourselves and bending our self to fit the answers instead of bending the answers to fit our self, we truly “Love” god.

Sacred texts and traditions be damned. If there is truth to be found, it is written into reality where no man can alter it and deceive you.

This is the way in which the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is a process of enlightenment and spiritual progression. By making what is inside match the outside instead of making the outside match our inside.

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