Scientific-Gnosticism Memetic-Shamanism


Published by under on February 19, 2008

SGMS is an ideology based on the core principles of truth and love that can be achieved through scientific pursuit and self-examination.

Scientific Gnosticism is the belief that through the implementation of modern scientific regimen and the endless pursuit of truth we can free ourselves from the pain and misery of short-sightedness, ignorance and belief. It is also a “hat’s off” to ancient teachers such as Jesus and Buddha that came upon truths and tried to pass some of their wisdom on to future generations. Through anthropology, game-theory and scientific discoveries in group competition, it is provable that the proper interplay of altruism and rational self-interest (altruism dominant) make up basic morays that can and should be followed for the betterment of mankind. Only the combination of knowledge and understanding of interconnectedness can lead to truth and truth is an endless and evolutionary pursuit. Science is a tool to eliminate belief and bias and only through the elimination of social proof and pre-concieved notions can we gain useful knowledge.

Memetic Shamanism is the study of the human spirit via the sciences of memetics and neurology and the development of the mind through CBT and neuropsychopharmacology. A human is not best categorized by their primate body nor even by their forebrain which allows impulse control. When a human thinks of self they are thinking of the collection of ideas and experiences through which decision-making is filtered. A spirit or soul is simply the way in which all of the data is interconnected and prioritized. Shamanism is the attempt to alter the arrangement of ideas and impulses through a range of modern tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, brainwave entrainment/neurofeedback and phychadelic treatment with the end purpose of resolving cognitive dissonance, and eliminating fear. Destructive (evil) memes such as self-hate, guilt, and materialism can only be fought through the transmission of constructive (good) memes which have the power to highlight the damage caused by the destructive ones. Because the human soul is a meme made of smaller memes, a Shaman is a spiritual warrior casting out demons and battling them at every turn whether they be advertising that says you are only successful if you are rich or simply the teachings of family members that make a person believe that all their striving is never good enough. Memes spread like deadly plagues and the Shaman creates vaccines to combat them.

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